Szentendre har ikke bare rikt med shopping og galleri, men også et godt utvalg av spennende museum for de som ønsker å besøke dette. Listen er hentet fra

Budapest Transportation Company Town Public Transport Museum (Szentendre) The BKV has been pondering on reconstructing and showing vehicles that has served transportation. The Budapest Transportation Company shows its history at an exhibition in Szentendre opened 15 years ago.

Ferenczy Museum - Barcsay Collection (Szentendre) The art of Jen? Barcsay (1900-1988) is a concept not only in Szentendre but also in the history of the art of the 20th century in Hungary: he was a representative of constructivism, even so figurative constructivism. He did the mosaics of public buildings, wall textiles. He was the author of Artistic Anatomy used in medical training.

Ferenczy Museum - Czóbel Museum (Szentendre) Béla Czóbel (1883-1976) is the first painter who was provided with an independent museum in his lifetime, at age 92, in a one storey building on the castle hill of Szentendre. The building was originally a Catholic boy school.

Ferenczy Museum - House of Popular Arts (Szentendre) The location of the Ethnographic and Folk Art Exhibition of the County is in one of the nicest buildings of Szentendre. Temporary exhibitions open here in every two year. Its aim is to present the material of Pest County synthesized according to regions.

Ferenczy Museum - Imre Ámos - Margit Anna Memorial Museum (Szentendre) The first museum showing the oeuvre of the artist couple Imre Ámos and Margit Anna opened in 1984 in Szentendre. The Management of the Museums of Pest County acquired the artworks as the donation of Margit Anna, in his lifetime. The aim and condition of the donation was preserving memories of Imre Ámos who disappeared from a work camp during WWII.

Ferenczy Museum - János Kmetty Memorial Museum - Kerényi Collection (Szentendre) If we wish to study the appearance of Cubism then we must visit the permanent exhibition presenting the oeuvre of János Kmetty in Szentendre. János Kmetty (1889-1975) is one of the artist who was involved in nationalizing the French Cubism in Hungarian fine art.

Ferenczy Museum - Lajos Vajda Memorial Exhibition (Szentendre) Ferenczy Museum - Margit Kovács Ceramics Exhibition (Szentendre) Kovács Margit (1902-1977), ceramic artist, donated most of her works to the Museums of Pest County. Her museum opened in 1973 in Vastagh Street. The building built in the 18th century was a salt storage house originally, later a vicarage, and a commercial house before it was the abode of the Vastagh family.

Ferenczy Museum - Roman Stone Store (Castrum) (Szentendre) The Stone Collection mostly present the stones found in Szentendre. Among the objects of the Stone Collection, memories of burying and religion as well as stones erected on occasion of the visit of the Emperor and milestones can be found.

Ferenczy Museum - Szentendre Gallery (Szentendre) The art gallery in the Commerce House on the main square of Szentendre opened in 1987 in a ward suitable for permanent exhibitions. According to the first idea, the art gallery belonging to the museums of Pest Count was to give space to the exhibitions in the county and Szentendre, it was to present the new artworks of the museum, to organize the oeuvre exhibitions of the significant artists, and show the art of foreign countries as well.